She's Got Her Own Zip Code
She's Got Her Own Zip Code
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Lordy Lordy Look Who's Fifty One

April has been an absolutely crazy month around bromance central. One of us took a few weeks off and headed to the tropics for some sparking blue beaches and liquor powered sex, and the other had his house infected with an unknown strain of stomach bug that caused vomiting and severe diarrhea. No need to specify which witch was which, but I hate your fucking guts, Mike. If any of you out there are thinking of having children try running while carrying someone by their armpits as they spray you with poop and/ or vomit. If you’re cool with that then you’re ready to pull the goalie.

April also marks our 50th comic. That we’re proud and consider that an achievement probably says too much about the quality of lives we lead, but we’ll take it all the same. In all seriousness, a big part of the appeal to do these strips for me was to see if we actually would. Like pretty much everyone else in the world I’m a procrastinator and the challenge of a doing something on a regular deadline appealed to me. Both of us have been very serious about meeting that self-appointed deadline, the easiest kind to ignore and I’m happy we’ve done it. We had people telling us we wouldn’t make it this far, or we’d lose interest, or we’d miss dates, etc., and it’s nice to be able to tell those folks they can eat a hot bucket of dicks. Enjoy those dicks, haters!

Finally from the credit where credit is due department, this strip was actually conceived of by a friend of ours. He emailed me the idea and very little changed from that email to the finished comic. If you hate it, blame him. If you like it you can start an online petition to fire me, see if I care, it’s not like I have feelings or anything.

posted by steve on April 26th, 2012