I got all your info right here dude *points to dick*

What the fuck is this shit?

It's a webcomic, published every Monday and Thursday. It's about dudes, bros, werewolves and hos. Seemed pretty obivous. You're not a dummy are you? I can't stand dummys.

Who makes this garbage?

Would you believe it takes two full grown university educated fathers to make each and every one of these things? Honest to fuck, adult men in a first world country. No wonder China is kicking ass. Mike is one, Steve is the other. Here they are hard at "work".

Which one of you is the draw-er?

Neither! We swipe the art from old public domain comic books. We take a panel from here and a panel from there, add some of our trademark dialogue and stitch them all together into the hilarious gibberish you see here. The fonts in the comics are from blambot.com. Most of the comics come from http://digitalcomicmuseum.com/.

Hold up... so it takes two of you to crib art from old comics and add a bunch of 'bros' and 'brahs'? You don't even draw this shit?

Now you're just being a prick, bro.

Sorry, dude.

S'okay, hombre.

I really need to get a hold of you, bro, for reals

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