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And We're Back

We're back to work making comics and earlier than we had expected. We're going to try to do a better job of getting ahead of ourselves so we always have a few comics in the can in case something comes up. Hopefully we didn't lose too many of you with the interruption, or with our attempts at humour.

While we're talking I want to give a shout out to the lovely folks over at . They've got a really clever way of introducing readers to the wads of comics out there; they display just the first panel of a strip to give the reader a taste of what to expect. It's a smart idea, and a nice bridge between a text link without any preview and full on embedding. They were kind enough to include us on their site. The best part is we didn't have to ask (although we did); someone else had already suggested us. To whoever that was, we appreciate it. We were willing to do some awful, dreadful things to get included. Glad you took that bullet for us.

posted by steve on May 28th, 2012