Extended Essay on Comic Books

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Among the many papers that students are asked to write, an essay on reading comics is common. It is maybe because people from past to present are still fascinated with comics. Also, a comic book essay has many points and ideas to write about. It is interesting that you will get a lot of readers for your essay. But do you know how to write an extended essay about comics?
An extended essay is required paperwork for the International Baccalaureate. It is an essay that allows students to do research and investigation on the topic that they have chosen. If writing an extended essay on comic books is quite difficult for you, you can find tips from articles and websites.

Tips on Writing an Extended Essay on Comic Books

1. Read comics

You cannot write anything about comics if you are not familiar with it. Read the comics that you want to write about. This way, you can start getting ideas. You should also read comics that are written by others. You will be able to find some points of comparison and common denominators in comics that you can make a point from.

2. Look for something unique in comics

In order to emphasize the beauty of reading comics, you have to make points on its uniqueness. You just have to make sure that your points are still related to your topic.

3. Make the outline

Write down all your points, information, and ideas. These will all be needed in making your outline. The outline will be your guide when you write your extended essay. It will keep you focused on your topic.

4. Plan your introduction very well

The introduction will be the make or break of your essay. It is important to start strong so more readers will be interested to finish reading your essay. Make sure that you introduce your topic very well in a way that your readers will be excited to see what is inside your essay.

5. Write the extended essay

From your outline, research, and points, you can then start writing your extended essay. Make sure that you have everything important written down. Put the same ideas together and put strong points in every part.

6. Ask permissions for illustrations

Keep in mind that you are writing about comics. Showing a few illustrations will help your essay become engaging. Be sure that you have permission first for the illustrations that you will use to avoid problems.

7. Proofread

Check on every bit of your essay. Review the spelling, grammar, transitions of paragraphs, the flow of ideas, and others. It is best to have it read a couple of times than to submit an essay full of errors and mistakes.

8. Ask for professional help

If needed, you can ask the help of professionals so they can read and check on your essay. They will be able to determine the quality of your work, and if there are things that should be changed in it.
Extended essay writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. But with practice and research, this can be done in an easier manner. Getting used to writing different written pieces will improve the writing skills of the students.