True Bromance ComicsDudes, Bros, and Dudebroshttp://www.truebromancecomics.com2012-05-102012-05-10CopycatSometimes the best lessons are the ones you learn in grade school. But usually not. 55 at truebromancecomics.com2012-05-10She's Got Her Own Zip CodeSomeone's got a fat mother and needs to be informed the only way a bro knows how! 54 at truebromancecomics.com2012-05-07Bad MedicineHow do these guys get a license to practise in the first place? 53 at truebromancecomics.com2012-05-03The Cure is Worse Than the DiseaseThe bros grapple with the difficult realities of serious illness. 52 at truebromancecomics.com2012-04-30BrotoxA secret serum to keeping your inner bro fresh is discovered! 51 at truebromancecomics.com2012-04-26It's a TrapThe solution to a great childhood mystery is finally revealed! 50 at truebromancecomics.com2012-04-23When You Say It Like That....A hot pick-up line doesn't play it quite like he planned. 49 at truebromancecomics.com2012-04-19Legal EndowmentLawyer bros discuss a case with a female client with typical results! 48 at truebromancecomics.com2012-04-16Real VictimFriendship is tested as a sacred trust is betrayed! 47 at truebromancecomics.com2012-04-12Head, Horseshoes and Hand GrenadesThe dudes figure out just what passes for a BJ! 46 at truebromancecomics.com2012-04-09Portrait of a Pick-Up Artist as a Young BroThe boys explore the complex world of the pick-up arts! 45 at truebromancecomics.com2012-04-05Bad to WorseAn effort to combat online piracy results in some strange and totally illegal bedfellows. 44 at truebromancecomics.com2012-04-02Scary MonstersSomething under the bed is drooling! Well, it used to... 43 at truebromancecomics.com2012-03-29Artistically ChallengedStrawberries and Batman! 42 at truebromancecomics.com2012-03-26A Bro By Any Other NameThe dudes get their names changed! 41 at truebromancecomics.com2012-03-22