The increment of shootings in schools

The increment of shootings in schools is now high and adding safety measures in schools has made a lot of men and women think it will help reduce violence in schools, but others would disagree and say it'll brand it worse.
For example, The Columbine shooting was a tragic fortuity that got many men and women, the columbine shooting was when two boys went to a shooting rampage that killed twelve teachers and students until they killed themselves. The book "School safety” explains how Columbine High School became the most remembered school in America due to the number of deaths and trauma it caused. There has been a response to the school shootings. In the article "There's no evidence that hardening schools to make kids safer from gun violence actually works." by Strauss, Valerie, The public might feel that school safety is important to research have found that security measures and the extra school about the opposite often do not include school safety make students feel safe. "The negative outcomes linked with target hardening are further correlated with reduced levels of community involvement and a weaker sense of trust within schools". For example, if you ever heard the saying "strict parents make sneaky kids” it’s basically the same as schools adding more safety measures making kids feel restricted only wanting them to do the opposite things just in a sneaky way. Kids feel secure in an environment that believes their college needs security. By inducing fear and strain security measures give a distraction academically to student’s education. School surroundings are adversely affected by the college security technologies and is troublesome in urban colleges causing children to have social and physical challenges causing them to become a bully. Bullying can be caused by a change in school climate or violence shown in televisions or by their society. Kids that are bullied are inclined to develop anger and use violence to force the bully to stop. Being bullied can be extremely affective to a child, it can give them emotional distress, change in violent behavior, and maybe even bring out a rage in their anger.
Many colleges have become almost states of public and safety anxious acts of violence increase. A good illustration of a jail-like attribute could be metal sensors, produce a "cycle of disease". The article by Warnick, Bryan R., "Protecting students from gun violence: does ‘target hardening’ do more harm than good?" has provided information on how schools can make an environment that makes children feel safe as it makes them feel like something awful is going to happen, that they must be stressed, and they are under surveillance. Many students feel because they are limited and aren't able to do considerably as a result of armed and uniformed law enforcement officials perform a number of jobs, for example patrolling school grounds, assisting with investigations of students who violate school rules, and arresting students who perpetrate offenses leaving pupils a temptation to be sneaky and try to break the rules rather than pursuing them. Gun ownership in America is undoubtedly the maximum speed, providing access to anyone to your gun that many firearms are in lots that are not in hands, but also the possession of adults. Parents should instruct their kids on how they should be used and how guns can be. Many people who use guns don’t use them right, mostly like thieves, gang members, and people who want to cause violence, but also most good is done with guns by using them as a defense tool towards those who cause harm to others. School security has weapons in the event of a crisis towards someone hoping to cause harm. From being at risk of shooting an innocent, armed guards may do more damage than good. Many events occur on account of the safety officers not knowing what others are thinking so when a safety officer was supposed to see a student running around campus with a gun his initial thought is he is trying to hurt someone, although he might maybe attempting to assist someone by protecting them with his licensed gun. College campuses allowed students the privilege to carry a weapon onto them in case of a crisis that may lead to violence. If a student is victimized by means of a security or a school employee it might give the students a feeling that the school officials don't have any control and therefore are making the school unsafe, increasing students fear of becoming victimized leading kids to steer clear of certain areas in college campuses or prevent school altogether to avoid danger of danger.
In the article by Trump, Kenneth S. "Stronger Security Measures Will Make Schools Safer." explains how security measures are helping parents believe that their children are protected with increased safety measures making schools. The safety measures will help have control over certain situations by providing warning signs of what occurs when they try to create an act of violence towards students. Metal sensors, sniffing security dogs, and cameras help keep a close eye on our students to help guide them to a safer and better lifestyle. Sniffing dogs help capture a diversion from learning, metal detectors can help the security guards spot any weapons that can cause harm. Many children have a tendency to use guns, knives, or any harmful object to protect or cause violence and fight with other students making their society violent and teaching other children' violence is the answer when it’s not and by using this security measure it can protect against violence. In the story "This is how common school shootings are in America”
by Amanda Erickson, gave facts on how "between the years 2000 and 2010, the recorded 57 incidents in 36 countries”, showing how half of those incidents occurred in the United States, and how the shootings have increased in the US as well as the population, but there is violence happening not just in the US but other countries as well.
The columbine mass shooting was one of the most popular news reports which were a moment and it was a significant shift in the world. Would metal detectors have helped? Most likely it wouldn't have had because of the way they barged on campus and blasting their firearms without caring about security to stop them. Security measures don't keep a student from using a violent mindset. Following the columbine more shootings have grown and have safety measures that cause a bigger effect as opposed to a positive outcome.
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